Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Beginning of July

Yesterday was Canada Day.. I wanted to do a post yesterday but I woke up with a migraine and was away from the computer all day.. 

I would have basically done a similar post to this one I did in 2017 

I am feeling better today though so I wanted to come on and say I haven't disappeared. Just been dealing with a lot of mental health issues again.. Suicidal thoughts are never fun.. 

Anyway.. Even through that I've been plugging away at my sorting and have a trade to talk about. 
Fellow Canadian blogger CrazieJoe and I made a small trade. I received the cards today..

Rhoden for the 1986 set. Grissom and Jones fill some Expos.. 
The Joyner and Davis MVP cards will help with the 89 Donruss set.. 
I've mentioned before I love minor league cards.. So I have a few here. Garret Anderson, Mike Kelly, and Scott Tedder.. 

Tedder never made the majors.. He actually played in the minor league systems of both Chicago teams. Kelly and Anderson did both make it.. 

Thank you for the trade!


  1. Thank you for being a destination for minor league cards. :)

  2. Seeing Mike Kelly sure stirs up memories. I thought he was going to be a huge superstar, but I never really heard much about him after the early 90's.

  3. Scott Tedder is a name I haven't heard or seen in a long, long time. I remember him as a member of the Birminghma Barons when I was a kid. Thanks for the brief trip down memory lane.