Thursday, July 11, 2019

Check Out My Cards, Man!

I put in an order on COMC recently and received it today. 

The Fergie Jenkins and Claude Raymond clear up my 1969 Topps want list. 
The Gary Lavelle 1985 Traded is the actual traded card, not the glossy version I bought previously. 
The McGriff puts me one card from finishing the 1991 Score set completely aside from the Update..
I just need the Scott Chiamparino error card, where it says he bats left. 
I cleared up the want list for the 1991 Score Superstars oddball set. When I received it, it was missing Griffey. I got that and the Jays/Expos I needed for the binder. 

And there's Raines and Stieb. 
George Selkirk is Canadian. One of the only ways a Yankee player will be collected by me. 

Finally, YOUPPI! 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack had a mascot insert set of 5 cards. Fredbird, Youppi, BJ Birdie, Pirate Parrot, and Phillie Phanatic. There's a Fredbird card where the hologram shows BJ Birdy as well. 

I'm almost through 1999 on my Great Sort. I'm rather happy with how quickly things have been going for me lately.. It will grind for a bit though, since I'm out of pages and then sorting the cards from 2000-present will take time as well. I may use that time to put cards that need to be put into sets into their sets... 

Anyway.. Enough rambling. 


  1. Gotta find a copy of that Youppi for my Expos PC. And that Griffey is a great looking card.

  2. A card of Youppi! One of the few famed mascots I've seen in person!

    I am ignoring back-error cards for the most part in my collecting. I just can't get into them and it saves money.

    1. Yeah, I try to do that (and succeeding in some cases.. looking at 1990 and 1991 Donruss.. dont want 1000+ card master sets they turn out to be.
      The Chiamparino has been tough to find.