Wednesday, July 10, 2019

They Were Expos?

One thing that I'm finding interesting with this sort is that I'm finding cards I've never seen before.. 
Case in point, 1998 Pacific Online. 
I'm not sure where I got them, but there are a few Jays and a few Expos. More than a few of them made me scratch my head.. 

Miguel Batista.. 
I actually remembered he was an Expo. He's one of those who played for both the Jays and Expos. By time he joined the Jays he had something like 60 different pitches. But here he is as an Expo. 

Mike Mordecai... I remember him as a Brave.. Only.. But apparently, he spent from 1998-2002 as an Expo. He finished his career in Florida.. So this surprised me.. 

Derrick May kind of didn't surprise me, if only because by 1998 he was bouncing around as a fourth outfielder. 

The last one in this foursome is the most strange out of these.. Rick DeHart. 
Apparently he spent 1997-1999 with Montreal before going to Japan. He played 2003 with Kansas City.. 

Now.. I think there's some form of Mandela Effect going on with me, because I thought he was a Cardinal.. I don't know why.. It could have been a video game or something from that era.. Or I could be thinking of someone completely different.. But I swear Rick DeHart was a Cardinal. But I'm wrong. 

March 24, 1992: Signed by the Montreal Expos as an amateur free agent.
June 11, 1999: Purchased by Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Japan Central) from the Montreal Expos.
December 17, 1999: Signed as a Free Agent with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
October 15, 2000: Granted Free Agency.
January 13, 2001: Signed as a Free Agent with the Los Angeles Dodgers.
March 28, 2001: Released by the Los Angeles Dodgers.
June 22, 2001: Signed as a Free Agent with the Kansas City Royals.
October 15, 2002: Granted Free Agency.
December 5, 2002: Signed as a Free Agent with the Kansas City Royals.

That is his transactions page from Baseball Reference. No Cardinals there.. 

Anyway. I hope this was a fun little walk into the insanity that is my mind, and the randomness of collections. 

Incidentally, I just finished 1998.. 

7702 Expos Cards.. 

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