Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Down the Rabbit Hole

Last post I mentioned about how Charlie Lea was a French-born player on the Quebecois-based Expos. I use the distinction because there are some differences in language, I am told. Plus, it's easier to tell what French I'm talking about..


It turns out Mr Lea was the only French born player to play on Montreal.

However... He's one of seven French-born players to play in the Majors..

One of them may shock you!


At least there's no clicking involved... Or ads... 


So the first French born player was a gent by the name Larry Ressler. He played way back in 1875 for the National Association Washington team.. 

Next is Claude Gouzzie, who played in 1903 for the St Louis Browns. 

Paul Krichell is next.. He played from 1911-1912 for the St Louis Browns. 

Next is Duke Markell.. He played in 1951... For..... The St Louis Browns...

I'm noticing a Trend here... 
Incidentally, here's a picture of Mr Markell as a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs

Next is

I did not know he was French.. 
He played from 1978-1987 for Houston, New York Mets, and San Diego.

Next is Charlie Lea

He played from 1980-1988 for the Expos and Twins. And, as stated before, he's the only French born player on the Quebecois based Expos.

Last but not least..

He played from 1983-1990 for the Phillies and Royals. 

I hope you enjoyed this little detour from the normal programming. I figured I'd explore it while the idea was still fresh in my mind. 


  1. Got me on Bochy - I had no idea he hailed from France!

    1. Bochy and Jeltz surprised me.. For some reason I always thought Jeltz was from the Dominican..

  2. I had no idea Bochy was French. On the flipside... I would have figured there were much more than seven MLB players born in France.

    1. It surprised me as well.. One other thing that surprises me is that of the 7, only 3 had decent careers.