Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Surprise in the Mail

Not too long ago on Twitter, I had Rosenort from Condition Sensitive contact me stating he had some Expos cards for me. Seeing that I'm on an Expos mission, I gladly accepted them. 

Then I promptly forgot about them...

Until they came in the mail.

So for the most part there were some 1991 Score that will help pad the numbers. But there were two cards that were interesting to me.. 

Stuart Bakery Expo!
Oddballs are always interesting.. 
Oddballs I never got to see when they were released for whatever reason are even better.

This one is Charlie Lea, obviously. It's interesting that he was born in France and ended up playing for Montreal. Now this makes me curious.... 

This may turn into a future research/blog post...

Anyway.. The other card that was interesting..

The Rosenort Calling Card!

This is really cool.. I like how some bloggers/collectors use these as their trademark. The South Park style character is fun too.. 

This is a rather short entry today. I'm trying to write as I have inspiration/energy to do so.. Today was also not as oppressively hot, so I'm not turning into a giant puddle. 

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