Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Quite the Feat

I don't know if anyone heard or not, but James Paxton threw a No-Hitter last night against the Toronto Blue Jays in Toronto. 

Paxton's was the third no-hitter thrown in Toronto against the Jays. The other two were in Cleveland by Len Barker and in Arlington by Nolan Ryan. 

This picture actually shows the tattoo Paxton has on his forearm. It's a maple leaf with an island his family used to go to when he was a kid. 

He was also given the nickname Big Maple. 

Paxton was the first Canadian born player to throw a no hitter on Canadian soil. He's also the second Canadian Born player to throw one. 

The first Canadian born player?

Dick Fowler. Born in Toronto in 1921
He threw a No Hitter against the St Louis Browns on September 9, 1945.. After returning from serving Canada in World War II..

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  1. Heard about the no-hitter. I wonder if he plays video games like David Price. Probably not, since Paxton can actually grip a baseball.

  2. Good for Pax! With as many good Canadian pitchers as there have been, it's a wonder it's taken this long for one to toss a no no! Specifically, it's kind of hard to believe Fergie didn't post one.

  3. Three no-hitters in less than three week? That's more than 2016 and 2017 combined. Kudos to Mr. Paxton!