Friday, May 18, 2018

1986 Topps: Part 2

Well, here's the second part of the 1986 Topps pile I ordered from Steel City Collectibles.

Since I'm tired tonight, I'm not going to mention much here I think.. 

Buckner almost looks like he knows something's going to happen in the World Series.. 

Roy Lee Jackson was a Blue Jay at one point. 1981-1984. He spent 1985 with the Padres and 1986 with the Twins. 

Billy Martin, in between firings by George Steinbrenner. 

The Mustache and Mullet on Pete Vuckovich makes him look more like a professional wrestler than a baseball player

In the rack packs were one All Star card.. I think I'll add them into my collection goal for this set..

All told, I've now got 400 of the 792 card set. I'll work on getting a want list up sometime soon. 


  1. I have an extra Darryl Strawberry if you need one?

  2. I can help you with your 86 Topps needs. I have a ton of 86 Topps cards.

    1. Sounds good..
      Just in the process of putting a want list together to post online on the blog.