Friday, May 11, 2018

A Short Post: A Set Completed

A while back I bought the 2011 In The Game Canadiana set through Dave and Adam's Card World.. 

The listing had it as a complete set.. It was not.. There were two cards missing. 

I even documented what cards were missing.. 

So while I've been looking at COMC and finding squat, I saw a "complete set" listed on Steel City Collectibles. 

So I contacted them.. They said that Indeed, it is the full set. 

So I decided to get it.. 

I'm happy to say that it was indeed the full set.. They even threw in a second Terry Fox card for some strange and unknown reason. But whatever...

The whole reason I bought the second set??

Jeff Healey and Stompin' Tom Connors

Those were the two I missed from the previous set.. I now have them.. Plus, I now have a second copy of the Larry Walker and Terry Puhl for my Canadians binder. 

That all said.... 

I now have a bunch from this set that I'm looking to move, if there's interest for it. It has some hockey players in it, actors, singers, inventors, and politicians in it.. There's even a horse.. 

And just because I can, here's the backs of those cards.. 
I think my next post will cover some of the other stuff I picked up from Steel City. 
I've also uncovered some blog fodder but now it's finding the time and energy to write.. 


  1. There's some in this set I'm definitely interested in- if I recall correctly it has some race car drivers in it. The Non-Sports forum that I read about these on no longer exists so I can't check the old thread, unfortunately. Checking the set on the Database, I would definitely like to get my hands on #38, 40, 41, 44 and 75, but would gladly take any others as well. Problem is, I only have like two Jays I could send you right now.

    1. That's fine.. Send me your address and I'll get them out to you.

  2. Congrats on getting the complete set. Hope you're able to offload those dupes. Can't wait to see what else you got from Steel City.

  3. Glad that you got the complete set and sorry the first one wasn't. I'll keep this in mind if I ever buy from Dave and Adams. Thanks for beating the Red Sox last night.

  4. A nice set - unfortunate you had to buy it twice, but nice to have the dupes you need knocked off too.

  5. I had a comment I meant to publish but I deleted by mistake..
    Jon, you wanted extras from the Canadiana set.. Let me know what you need.. Email me.

  6. Hockey isn't hockey without The Hockey Song. I haven't looked in awhile, but there was a time when Tom Connors autograph was high on my wantlist. I wonder what they're selling for these days.

    1. I was watching the first game in the Vegas/Winnipeg series and they were playing The Hockey Song.

    2. Just looked on COMC and there's two autos for $120 each...
      Ebay is worse.. lol

    3. I saw those prices and sighed. I want one... but that's way out of my price range.

    4. Yeah they're not really in my range either, since those are USD.