Sunday, April 29, 2018

Blog Bat Around: All Autograph Team

Prepare thyselves for the most underwhelming Auto team assembled!

Well... My outfield might be decent... 

I was leery about doing this one because of a couple reasons.. 
First: I didn't think I had enough autographed cards to cover a team
Second: Any autos I get I have to either buy through COMC or First Row, as I can't really do TTM and I don't buy much in the way of new product. 

But what the hey.. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right??


First Base

Yeah I know he's an outfielder on the card, but he also played first for the Expos. 

Second Base

Jose played with the Expos and moved with them to Washington. He played a couple years in Seattle as well.. 

Third Base


One I'm very happy I was able to pick up. Tony Fernandez

Left Field

I had to fudge things a little here.. Lloyd Moseby is a left fielder here. 

Marquis Grissom

A wonderful Grissom card here. 

Right Field

Terry Puhl makes the team as well. 
It's an in person auto I got in a trade. It's easier to see in scan than in person, but I like it.

Bench/Honorable Mentions

Anthony Alford

Brad Fullmer

Ryan Goins

Adam Lind

Carlos Perez

Dalton Pompey

Rich Butler

David Segui

My pitching staff is three deep.. Total..

Rheal Cormier

Daniel Norris

Paul Spoljaric

Kind of interesting that all three pitchers I have are left handed.. 

Anyway.. This is my team... 


  1. Not bad at all! Love seeing some Signature Rookies.

    1. I got two of the Spoljaric for my collections.. One for the Jays and one for the Canadians.
      Same with the Butler.

  2. You've got a better bullpen than I do. Some nice autographs here. I'm surprised Adam Lind didn't get a major league contract this past off-season.

  3. Lot's of great names. I was thinking about creating an All Autograph Team for the Expos, but fell a couple of positions short.

    1. My original goal was to do one for the Jays, but I couldn't pass up Floyd or Grissom.. lol Plus Terry Puhl..

  4. No way Man, that's a nice collection. That Rich Butler is sweet.