Monday, April 16, 2018

More Catching Up on Trades

Today was a snow day for me, as the Wintry Hell doesn't seem to want to go away.. 
All weekend we had freezing rain.. Today we had snow and rain. Somehow, I wouldn't be surprised to find I'm not working tomorrow too.. 
Anyway... Enough of that.. Baseball cards! Sunshine! 

I have four acquisitions to show today. 

The first is from TCDB member forester7.

1989 Donruss. It's one of those sets that's grown on me.. Kind of like a fungus. 
These were for the most part second copies for my team binders. I think some made it to the set.. 
Jeff Musselman at quick glance, reminds me of Alberto Del Rio. 

1990 Score. I think all of those ended in the set aside from Mark Gardner. I may need a second copy of that Candlestick card for my stadium card collection. 

Can't go wrong with Leaf. I really liked the designs they used. 
1991 O Pee Chee also shows up. The giveaway is the "Now with Expos" on the Calderon card. 

Ahhh OPC when OPC would have their brand where Topps goes. 
A couple 1989 Score and another 90 Score with Yount. 

1991 Studio! I absolutely love those early Studio sets. They gave some insight into the person behind the stats. Yes, they did give a written breakdown of the guy's career, but where else would you find out in 1991 Dwight Gooden liked fishing and Nintendo??

1992 Ultra. Another set I really like the look of.. It's one of those that was heavily influenced by Stadium Club, I feel, with the full bleed photos and foil stamping. 

More Ultra and some 1993 Pinnacle. I loved the 1992 Pinnacle set but it was expensive when I was younger and hard to find. 1993 was impossible to find. So now I'm retroactively trying to complete both. 

The second one came via a blog post and email. This one came from Ryan at

Some recent Jays including a red Stroman rookie card. Paul Molitor as a Jay. Some nice Encarnacions as well. 

Tom Underwood buyback! I believe in the TCDB filing, it's classified as the year the card was originally issued, but notate the buyback part. 
Those Museum Collection cards are interesting. 

The third package is from TCDB member pezNpirates.

Four cards from the Young Superstars or something from Score. They had Young Superstars, Rising Stars, and a few others around that time. 
I don't think you can really say any of them became "Superstars" though. 

Stadium Club. The first couple years were hard to tell apart from the other. Coupled in with the "Stadium" set they put out and it was sometimes tough to figure out what you had. 

Some more Jays and Expos here, along with a Kirk McCaskill. 

Aren't they lovely? I really have nothing else to say about them that others haven't said repeatedly. 

The Final Package was from Therion on the Team Collectors Forum. 

2013 Hometown Heroes Jesse Barfield. I believe this is the "Zipcode" variation. Of course, because Canada, they have the leaf and ON for Ontario.
The only thing about this card though... It seems like Panini took a Barfield Yankees away photo and threw it on this card. 

The Marco Estrada Red Dagger variation! 
It was nice to see these. 

Thanks to all who traded with me

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