Thursday, April 26, 2018

Surprise in the Mail

I recently got a package from TCDB member dilemma19 that I wasn't expecting. 

There was a note stating he checked through my want lists on TCDB and found a bunch.. 

He wasn't kidding...

There were actually two of the Carter.. It's one of those "heat the card to show the rest" things.
More Hometown Heroes, including Justin Morneau and Fergie Jenkins. 
That Classic card is a three in one that's serialed to 8000. This particular one is 1/8000

Lots of 1992 Studio. I've mentioned many times how much I love the early Studio sets. One thing that was a pleasant surprise was getting some Heritage Series inserts from the Studio set. 

1992 Donruss Diamond Kings round out here. Carter and Ripken. 

Greg Swindell and Fred McGriff show up here as well. 
Classic Minor League! 
Some of these guys I've heard of.. Angel Martinez, Ugueth Urbina... BJ Wallace... Some I haven't. But that's what happens with minor league cards. 

One reason I love minor league cards is seeing the uniforms the players wore in the minors. I like creating uniforms for Out of the Park Baseball, so minor league cards become a valuable resource for past teams. 

I like how the Indianapolis Indians uniforms were a mirror image of the Expos at the time. 
I'm interested in the uniform Curtis Pride is wearing in his card. 

I kind of remembered the Jays minor league clubs using the same colour scheme and lettering as the Jays.. I hadn't really seen the Hagerstown uniforms from this time though. 
Syracuse Chiefs uniforms are quite nice. 

Some later cards for the team binders. 

Finally, a Michael Saunders card.. This one will go into the team binder.. I'll need to find another one at some point to put in the Canadians binder. 

Thanks, dilemma19! You mentioned that if there's sets/players I'm looking for in particular you'll check to see what you have.. .I'll keep that in mind. Thanks again!


  1. Happy to help, and will gladly donate some Expos to your million card project sometime soon...

  2. Nice cards, I especially like the 92 DK and Heritage Series

  3. Classic made some nice looking cards back in the day. Too bad they never took off to be one of the major players.

    1. Classic as an official minor league company would be great..