Saturday, April 7, 2018

Another Surprise in the Mail

The same day I received the package from First Row Collectibles, I also received one from Erek, who I follow on Twitter @ediddy416

He had a few things that he thought I'd like so he sent them off to me. 

Some recent year Jays.. The last couple years between just not wanting to go to Walmart and not having the money to get in the window they're available, 2016 and 2017 were not very well represented in my collection. 

Some 2018 rookies. 
I think he had the Urena card available and I mentioned I wanted it. It was either the Urena or Rowley.. I can't remember. Either way I have both 

Finally, the full 1993 Toronto Blue Jays Fire Safety set. 
Absolutely love seeing these. They have all the players from the team, plus the coaches.
We also have a mix of Spring Training and season shots here. 

Thanks for the cards!!


  1. Cool oddball set. Miss the days of seeing Juan Guzman on the mound for the Jays.

    1. It seems most cards I've seen of Guzman have the same general pose on them. Either arm back ready to throw, or arm cocked ready to fire..