Thursday, April 5, 2018

First Row Collectibles Trade and Extras

About mid March I made a trade with Curtis from First Row Collectibles. Between having to wait to mail out and Easter, it took a little longer to get than normal. I sent him a bunch of old wrestling cards and some hockey and in return, he sent me a nice batch of cards I wanted.. 
I mentioned to him that the 1st was my birthday and he threw in a little extra for it. 

One of the few times I've been happy to see a Tim's card.. lol 
Haven't seen a Toronto themed one before, so it was nice to get this one. As an added bonus, it came unloaded, so I won't forget about it, spend it, and leave it.. lol 

Let's see if I remember what I asked for in return and what was thrown in. 
I believe I asked for the Greene and the Delgado cards aside from the Bowman's Best.. 
The Best were throw ins and... Aside from the weird numbering on them... They're... Different..
Again, Paul Molitor as a Jay is a little strange. Carter and Alomar, though.. Not strange at all. 

I asked for the Pompey, Alford, and Fullmer autos shown. I can't remember if I asked for the Martins or if he threw them in. The Halladay cards were throw ins. 
Halladay as a Phillie is another strange sight. 

Joey Votto! Clarence Gaston! Paul Molitor in more familiar togs. 
The Rangers team set is from 1978. I needed it for the set. 

It's interesting.. Cito Gaston didn't start being called Cito on cards until he was coaching/managing in Toronto. During his playing days it was always Clarence. I just find that interesting. I wonder why the change. 

Anyway.. I wanted to thank Curtis at First Row Collectibles. I really enjoy dealing with him and interacting with him on Twitter. 

You can follow him there.. @FirstRowCollect
His website is

Check him out!


  1. If you are looking for anyone else to get rid of wrestling cards to....I think I am going to start really collecting wrestling as another area of interest (not that I need another, but hey, gotta collect what you like).

  2. I love the 90s goodness in there!

  3. Nice mix of old and new stuff there. I like that 73 Cito and the OPC Molitor.