Thursday, June 30, 2016

Trades Part 2

So I received another package in the mail today from CrazieJoe. I'm glad it came in before Canada Post's workers holds everyone hostage in a tired ploy to get more money..

Anyway, in my last post, Joe mentioned he sent in two envelopes. I had received one at that point. I got the other today.

Two more 1987s off the list! 
Some of you may remember seeing the McCaskill card recently. While I did receive it prior to this one, I now have one for the set and one for my Canadian MLB players collection. 

We have some 1983 OPC cards and two 1979 cards. One Topps and one OPC. That Ed Herrmann is actually my first 1979 OPC card!

Thank you again, Joe!

Tomorrow I'm going to do something a little different. Maybe borrow from Tony at Off Hiatus for a day, if he doesn't mind. 


  1. Perfect! Glad they came in before the possible mail strike.

    1. So am I.. These aren't being held hostage! lol