Saturday, June 25, 2016

1987 Topps and Some Other Stuff Part 2

As promised, here's the second part of what I received.

It's odd seeing Vida Blue in a different uniform than Oakland. Gary Pettis was a favourite player for me to use on Tony LaRussa baseball on the Genesis when I was younger. I always loved the slap/speed hitters. 
The Team Leaders cards were always interesting.. 

A couple players I remember here.. Mike Scott, while I never saw him play, I remember hearing about his no hitter in 1986. Fred Lynn in an Orioles uniform looks odd.. Candy Maldonado was a member of the 1992 champion Blue Jays. 

Maldonado is one of those odd ones for me.. I'm not really a fan of his. 

Will Clark! Tom Seaver! Eric Davis! Ron Guidry! Joe Orsulak? One of these things is not like the others.. lol 

Joe Orsulak I remember more as an Oriole. He also spent his final major league season with the Expos. 
Billy Jo Robidoux I only remember by name. I never saw him play, and from what I've seen on baseball reference, he wasn't an every day player to begin. 

Dave Lopes in an Astros uniform... Another of those "Wrong" uniform pictures. He's a Dodger to me. 
Mitch Webster I remember from nearer the end of his career. By the time I really became interested in Baseball, he was a Dodger, well past his time as a Jay or Expo. 
Jim Rice makes an appearance here as well. 

Some good ones here too: Willie Randolph. Dan Quisenberry, Brett Butler and Bill Madlock. Mike Moore I knew more as a member of the A's. 

I love the Beach Blanket uniforms the White Sox had. 

Dale Murphy! Bryn Smith I knew more as a member of the Cardinals. "Earnie" Riles. I knew Ernie more as a Giant. 

The Post-Tequila Sunrise Astros uniforms.. I still like them, but not as much as the previous. 
That's a rather interesting pitching motion by Larry McWilliams. It almost looks like he's about to go sidearm, but I may be mistaken. 
Dann Bilardello as an Expo. Fun fact: In 1994, he was a member of the Winnipeg Goldeyes of the Northern League. 

Spike Owen as an Red Sox. All Star cards! Joel Skinner as a Yankee. I only really remember him as an Indian.
We also have a young Tom Kelly here. 

Rafael Palmeiro! Phil Niekro. Gerald Perry! Ron Hassey.. 

Some other nice ones here.. Kirk Gibson, Tom Brunansky, Mike Witt, Bob Ojeda..

Bob Ojeda was a decent player who was unfortunate enough to be part of the accident that claimed the lives of Tim Crews and Steve Olin. 

I also received a number of cards from another person who e-mailed me. A lot of the cards ended up being duplicates (both had the idea of cutting my 1987 want list down) but there were some I didn't receive previously or received cards that were upgrades in condition. 

Some Jays as well!! We also have Bob Rodgers from when he managed the Expos. 

Finally, another set I'm trying to complete: 1992 Donruss.. 

Thanks again to both Peter and Bo! I have cards to send back in return. 


  1. Wow - congrats on knocking out so much of your 1987 Topps wanted list!

    1. It's nice.. I have 19 left on my want list..

  2. I'm so glad that I could help fill in some of the needed cards for your 1987 Topps set. Great blog post and scans. -Peter