Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Little Treat

Well, I decided to get a little something to celebrate my getting a job.. There ended up being a few more choices at WalMart than I remember.. I decided to go with this though:

I had to remove the plastic pocket as it didn't scan well.. But yeah, three packs and a Toronto Blue Jays card for $8. 

I decided on this rather than the flagship box or the Donruss box that were both selling for $25 or the smaller hanger pack of flagship because I was cheap.. lol I still have to wait a while before I actually get money.. 

Anyway.. The cards!








The base cards.. 

Alternate Reality Bryce Harper.. I don't quite get why these are Alternate Reality. I mean, if it has Harper in an Expos uniform that's one thing.. The description on the back is talking about the Stars and Stripes logo.. Not really Alternate Reality for the Washington Nationals.. 


A couple Heavy Hitter cards.. I think these aren't too bad looking. 

Another Stanton card. Opening Day Stars. Again, something rather interesting.. I don't know if I'd want too many looking like this though..

This was the loose card in the pack.

And Josh Donaldson. 

All in all, not too bad, though I would have liked more Jays.. 


  1. A nice Osuna card though - but more Jays would have been handy!

  2. I'm guessing the Alternate Reality insert highlights alternate jerseys, not actually alternate reality. Congrats on the new job!