Saturday, May 28, 2016

Cards from a Papoy

About a week ago I received a package in the mail from Kevin at The Card Papoy.

We had worked out a trade through e-mail. I found his blog through one of the many others out there, saw some stuff I had he wanted and we worked out a trade.

It's taken this long for me to write about it because I've had zero energy after working. Who'd guess that driving a school bus would be tiring for someone who is drained by being around loud people?? lol Joking aside, I do love the job. Until I get better acclimated to it, though I'm likely only going to be posting once or twice a week.

Anyway, enough rambling.. We're here to see cards!!

The earliest of the batch are from 1994. These are all parallels. I love the look of them, especially the bat flying out of White's hands. 

I believe these were from 1998.. The Koch is one of the Bowman International cards. I'm still trying to find a decent setting on my scanner to scan these foil/chrome cards. 
The Clemens is also a serial numbered card. 

Some 1999 cards. Here we have two cards of a young Roy Halladay and a card of David Wells in his second go-around with the Jays. Unlike his first time, there was no doubt what role he fit.
I had to try to figure out the Wells card, as there's another version. I think the only difference between the two is the other version looks like it was torn from a spiral notebook. 

Now, a small gripe I have with the coloured parallels out there. I'm partially colour blind. I sometimes have difficulty telling certain colours apart. That Batista card, I believe, is the Upper Deck Black Diamond Rookie Edition base set. I say this because the Gold version is a little lighter. 

That Mondesi card is my first Topps Gallery card.. I have to say they're nice.

Another Gallery card, this time Vernon Wells. I know this one is harder to read due to foil.. 

I think Upper Deck is a little young to be putting out vintage designs, but here we go.. Mondesi in a 2002 set going back to their original design. 

2003 and we have the 4-3 machine himself, Frank Catalanotto. To this day, whenever I hit a grounder to second on a video game, I call it the Catalanotto Special. 

I know he wasn't horrible.. Or even that bad.. I just remember the grounders to second with him. 

The Topps 206 cards are weird. I don't get it.. 

I like the idea behind the Topps Total and the Upper Deck 40 Man sets. In fact, rather than the parallels, variations, parallel variations, and sparkle super short print cards, I'd rather see more players. But that's just me.. I don't need/want 10 cards of Mike Trout. 

Does this mean I'm not Topps' target audience?? 

Some very nice sets here. I kind of like the Turkey Red cards, though again it's yet another throwback set. The Flair Showcase is nice too, though with that name, I'm almost expecting Ric Flair. (WOO!) 

Some nice ones here as well.. Again Turkey Red. We have an Allen and Ginter appearance. Some others I don't recall the names of. 

Adam Lind as an Outfielder. That is all. 

I believe I've said it before.. I'll say it again.. O Pee Chee Cannot be O Pee Chee if it doesn't include French. Simple as that. Upper Deck simply bought the name and put it out as another boring set. 

I want my OPC to be accurate! lol

A Travis Snider Topps 206 card. I don't know what it is, but there's something that bothers me about this card.. 

Remember the mini-rant I had earlier about coloured parallels?? Now we also have a Store-exclusive coloured parallel.. 

This one is JA Happ in his first go with the Jays. 

Stadium Club John Olerud!! And Marcus Stroman. I like the way this chrome card looks, but then again it could also be my scanner settings... Stro looks to be popping out of the card here. 

I had to guess on the actual name of this Pillar. There's a red parallel and a red foil parallel. I guessed this one being the red foil based on how others from that set looked. 

I do have to say though it makes Pillar stand out from the background. Jose Reyes makes two appearances as well, in Mini and Finest form. 

Thank you again Kevin, for the wonderful cards! If you haven't checked him out, give him a gander.  

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