Sunday, May 15, 2016


It seems as though until I get used to my schedule, I'll be only updating this once a week.

I've gotten a couple packages in the mail that I'm going to go over today

First, a group of 1981 Fleer Expos from mrbenaka from the TCDB. 

Now a bunch from TCDB member cabz05 starting with these. I miss the manager cards. I would rather see these than 1600 parallels and variations thrown into a set. 

Some 2002 Topps and a couple Upper Deck. Another Manager card, even.. I think the uniforms from this era were my second favourite Jays uniform. 

Now my least favourite uniform.. The Angry Bird silver Jay.. 

Some bad photoshopping here to go along with a Heritage and a John Axford. Axford adds to my Canadians collection.

Some Opening Day and some Archives.. I like the 1980 format but I still hate the 1986.. 

2015 including a few Opening Day.. I may need to get another Pompey for the Canadians binder. 

These cards came in my collecting drought.. I rarely bought cards at that time so it's nice to see them.. At the same time, it's nice that they went with a retro style for the base set, rather than going Archives/Heritage. 

And a couple more. 

Gustavo Chacin was an interesting character.. He ended up having a cologne made for him in Toronto and was given away at the Dome.. 

Mike McCoy.. Fun fact: He spent 2014 in Pawtucket and 2015 in El Paso. I don't know where he is now. 

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