Monday, February 15, 2016

Mail Days Are Fun Days

I received a fair bit of cards through the mail last week from a couple sources. Today I'm looking at some cards sent by Crazie Joe, a regular trader of mine. 

In this batch, I got a couple 1989 Topps I needed for the set.

Some Expos. I know at one time I had that Alou, but a lot of my collection seemed to have gone away. I like that Ruskin card as well. 

Now we have some minor league Jays! Chris Carpenter had a nice MLB career, Pett didn't. 

Some more minor leaguer cards. I like the Gose, Guzman and Hentgen ones best. The Green is nice as well. I never saw minor league cards until I moved to where I am now, aside from the Independent Northern League Whiskey Jacks, 

Greg O'Halloran fits into two categories: Jay and Canadian. He's also the only player who hit the Majors. 

Finally we have a coach card. Honestly never heard of them, but I got a card of them!


  1. Steve Mingori pitched in the majors in the 1970s for the Royals and Indians. He died pretty young -- only 64 years old -- back in 2008. I found out the part about his death when I looked to confirm his pitching with KC.

  2. Glad you like - I'm not into collecting the minor league cards, so glad to pass them on to someone who wants them!