Monday, February 8, 2016

Mail. Always Fun

Today I got some cards in the mail from a couple people.

As always with mail days, let's go over it shall we??

First we have some Bowman Platinum. These were the first I've seen of the set. They're interesting but they've gone into the trade list.

Also in this group is two Upper Deck Pro Motions cards. Not a fan..

Here's a closer look at them. 

1990 Fleer has been one of those sets that I'm just not sure about. I think I'll revisit once I have some of the sets I want to complete finished. As for now: Into the trade pile.

Some Canadian goodness now.. Kirk McCaskill Score! I've talked about him before in my blog and while he identifies as American, his birth in Kapuskasing is Canadian enough for me.

Some Jays and Expos now. Nelson Liriano, Tim Wallach, and Greg Myers have a new home in my binders.

Sportflics always seemed rather gimmicky to me, but Jays and Expos will be enjoyed. The two smaller Jays logos have different backings. The Larger card is Tim Raines.

Three 90 Topps for that set. 

Some 1988 Topps I needed. I always enjoyed using Gary Thurman when I played Tony LaRussa baseball on the Genesis. I don't know why. 

Finally, a pile of 1987 Topps. Getting ever closer to finishing that set. 

Thanks to those who have traded with me! 

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