Friday, April 14, 2023

Stadium Friday - Anaheim Stadium

 Today's stadium is one that's had multiple names, multiple renovations, many star players, yet not much success when it comes to postseason. 

It's Anaheim Edison International Angel Stadium of Anaheim for the California Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. 

The stadium was built in 1966 for the Angels. Prior to this, the Angels played in Wrigley Field and Chavez Ravine Stadium. 

This was the Los Angeles version of Wigley Field. This is the "Original" Wrigley, as this was named after the PCL Angels' owner William Wrigley in 1925. The one in Chicago was named after him in 1926.

Chavez Ravine Stadium you might know better by its other name: Dodger Stadium.

This was how Anaheim Stadium looked when it first opened. Left field had the Big A, right field was a parking lot. 

The stadium underwent renovations in the late 70s to accommodate the Rams moving into Anaheim Stadium. The renovations were completed before the 1980 NFL season. 

The enclosed monstrosity is what I remember. When I first became a baseball fan in 1992, this was how Anaheim Stadium looked to me. 

In 1996, Disney took over the team and worked on getting the stadium back to baseball only, since the Rams left for St Louis. 

In its current form, you can see the mountains again beyond the outfield fence and the rock formation in left centre field. 

As well as baseball and football, the stadium hosted concerts, motocross, and the other football. 

I didn't realize how similar this and Candlestick looked when they were fully enclosed. Though, the chain link fence in the Stick also confused me greatly.. 
Anyway, I just want to mention that these cards are from my collection aside from the Tuff Stuff stadium card.. I would love to find that card but I doubt I will..


  1. Been waiting for this one. Many fond memories growing up there, especially in its original configuration. We always just called it the Big A.

  2. As a young fan, I always thought Anaheim Stadium was bland from what I saw on TV and on Fleer (or Panini) stickers. But the modernized look makes a huge difference.

  3. LOL on your second sentence, that's great ... The original Anaheim Stadium with the open outfield into the parking lot is nuts.

    1. I realized afterward I should have put Los Angeles California Angels of Anaheim.. Oh well.. lol I couldn't help it really.. Just imagine what you can do for the Name of the Month Colliseum...

  4. It looked a lot better before it was enclosed.