Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Rediscover Topps

 I got a few envelopes in the mail recently completely out of the blue. The name looks like James Taglia. 

In there is a bunch of Jays and Expos he wanted to hand off to me because he was downsizing his collection. Told me about how he loved the Expos when they existed. 

Well, one of the things that was present in the envelopes were these..

The Rediscover Topps cards. Now, there's some pretty nice ones here.. Doyle Alexander from  1984, Dave Collins from 1985. Garth Iorg from 1986.. Too bad we couldn't keep the year thing going and have one from 1987.. But there's Manny Lee from 1988.. (I almost want to see if there's a Jay from each year of Rediscover Topps.. Get a Jays rep from 1977-whenever)

Of course, with Topps being the only game in town really.. It's hard to rediscover what we can't escape. 
Unless this is their way of reminding us that the older cards are better than the schlock they're putting out now.. 
In any event.. They're very welcome in my collection, though I think I might have the Lee already... Not sure..


  1. Just another reminder of how Topps ruined some good cards. Even more egregious is them doing this to 50s-70s cards as well. Not just Rediscover Topps, but their vintage buybacks as well. Useless stamps on otherwise good nice looking vintage cards. For shame

  2. I'm sure that you could put together a buyback/Rediscover run of Jays for not very much money. Heck, as much as some people seem to hate these, you'd probably be able to get a few for free from collectors just looking to rid themselves of the cards.

    1. I think that's what I'd want to do.. Start it as a buyback then if I get all the years as Rediscover then use them.. I know I have a 77 buyback.. I need to check the rest..