Thursday, April 27, 2023

Some Cards

 I've been the recipient of a number of envelopes lately from a collector looking to pare down his collection. He's sent me a number of Jays and Expos.

I want to show a few cards I got today.

I had a nice stack of Expos but these ones I wanted to show. A Dawson Ginter and Grady Sizemore as a Spo.

Some 1981 Fleer. Bobby Mattick with a card. I just like the photography for the Velez, Iorg, and Woods cards.

Finally, A guy I don't remember at all. Turns out he played one season for Toronto and wasn't that great. 

Tomorrow is Friday, meaning a Stadium post!


  1. At least Mike Smith got an interesting looking rookie card.

  2. That is a confusing card of Smith (don't remember him either but I'm sure he was way better than me!). Says '84 on the front but with that uniform it's not an '84. It's one thing to use the design from another year but adding the year is a step too far I think. Every time I see Sizemore as an Expo I think "what if"...what if they didn't trade him and what if he never got hurt" ...great athlete.

    1. Yeah. The "originals" banner needs to be more prominent. Or do what they do now and use tge design but proper year.