Saturday, April 1, 2023

Signature Saturday


 Today is Saturday. Today is April 1.. .Today is my 45th birthday. 

Today is also Signature Saturday. Who's on the docket today??

None other than Milton Bradley. It's almost unfortunate that Triple H didn't have "The Game" nickname and music till after Bradley was done.. Just imagine him coming to bat with that music playing.. 

He started out with the Montreal Expos, drafted by them in 1996. He was traded to Cleveland for Zach Day in 2001. Overall, he played for Montreal, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Texas, Oakland, San Diego, Chicago Cubs, and Seattle. 

For non-wrestling fans, here is the song I'm talking about


  1. Happy birthday Mike!!!

    Milton Bradley was a wild one.

  2. Milton and Mike. Two wild men of our time! Hope your birthday was good. Thanks for sharing a part of it with us!

  3. Happy 45th birthday!

    As for Milton Bradley... he has one of the coolest names in sports... but the thing I remember him most for were his tantrums.

  4. Happy belated birthday, Mike!