Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Blog Bat Around: Alphabet Challenge

 For the first time in a long time.. There's a Blog Bat Around going on! *cue Kermit cheering*

This one is naming a player for each letter of your Blog's Name... 

Some are nice and short like Nachos Grande, who I first saw doing this... Others.... Well... Aren't..

Mine is in the NOT short side of the table..

So without further ado.... 

Not Another Baseball Card Blog spelled out with players last names...

N Nabholz, Chris. Obviously this will be collection heavy.. Let's see how many Expos and Jays I can fit in

O Olerud, John. Two for Two so far

T Todd, Jackson

A Alomar, Roberto. I know he's had a lot of off field issues......

N Navarro, Dioner. 

O Overbay, Lyle. For some reason, he always reminded me of Olerud

T Tabler, Pat. Played his final season in Toronto.. Became a long-time broadcaster for the Jays

H Henderson, Rickey. Yeah he was only a Jay for a few months, but he won a 'Ship.. 

E Encarnacion, Edwin. Walking the Parrot on this list

R Raines, Tim. Could you imagine an outfield with Raines and Henderson???

B Bailor, Bob. An original Jay. The first pick by the Jays in the Expansion draft

A Alou, Moises. 

S Santangelo, FP. It's funny.. I always kind of rooted for the benchers.. 

E Eichhorn, Mark

B Barfield, Jesse It's actually kind of thrilling that he follows me on Twitter..

A Adams, Russ. I'm actually kind of curious to find out what happened to him... 

L Langston, Mark. Pitched for the Expos.. Was the return for Randy Johnson....

L Lawrie, Brett. Fiery player.. Think it worked to his detriment..

C Candaele, Casey. Mom was a pro player. Played on 'Spos.. Coaches in Jays system..

A Ainge, Danny. I... Think he made the correct career choice..

R Rodriguez, Henry. Oh Henry! As an Expo, he was showered with chocolate bars after HRs....

D Dawson, Andre. 

B Butler, Rob. Both him and his brother were Jays to start.

L Lindros, Eric. I'm cheating here. But he does have a Baseball card in 90 Score Update

O Oliver, Al. Played for both Jays and Expos. Was a "Zero Hero" after Pittsburgh (Wore 0)

G Galarraga, Andres. Two stints with the Expos. 

So there we have it.. I was able to make a list of just Jays and Expos.. 

I'm sure I could have made some different choices.. S could have definitely been for Stieb, for example.. But this is my contribution.. Did I hit it out of the park? Or am I waiting to be driven in?


  1. Chris Nabholz to kick it off! Perfectly random 90s player. And yes, Eric Lindros does count.

  2. I know that Rickey played for just about everybody, but I didn't remember his stint in Toronto.

    1. It honestly wasn't very memorable.. Right after he joined the team he got frostbite on his foot.. Hit like .214..
      There are a couple cards of him in a Jays uni. I think the best one was the 94 UD Collector's Choice.