Friday, March 24, 2023


 Ahhh Spring.. Spring Training is wrapping up shortly and the season begins. Fans will be heading to the ol' ballyard to root on the home team. 

I've always loved ballparks since I became interested in the sport. It's the only one that doesn't have uniform measurements for everything on the field. One place could have an outfield where the walls are 400 feet away to left and right, 450 to centre.. Another can have a section that's 30 feet up but 330..

The only part that's uniform is the distance to the bases and the mound to the plate. Who couldn't love that?

Starting today I want to show some ballpark cards that are in my collection. Since I'm a bit of a ballpark nerd, I collect them.. Surprise surprise, eh? 

Today's card will be Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. The Braves played in this yard from 1966-1996 after moving to Atlanta from Milwaukee.. 
In the 31 years the Braves played here, they made the playoffs 7 times. They won one World Series, and lost two.

The Braves moved into the stadium that was built for the Olympics in Atlanta, refitted for baseball and named Turner Field. Fulton County was demolished and turned into a parking lot. They did keep the place Home Plate was and the part of wall that Hank Aaron's 715th home run flew over. 


  1. Love stadium cards. Been actively collecting that subset lately.

    1. I'm glad I'm not alone in that. I'm trying to collect as many as I can find. Major.. Minor.. Doesn't matter.. Just love the parks.
      Incidentally, I remember I still owe you something.. I haven't forgotten.. Just been dealing with a lot of mental health issues lately..

    2. Was just gonna say that I saw these on Tom's blog recently :D