Saturday, March 18, 2023

Signature Saturdays

 It's a Saturday..

Today will be a little different. Yes, there's still an autographed card to be shown. However, there's a little more too..

Today's card is actually one I just picked up through First Row Collectibles 

I've been buying from Curtis, who runs the store, for many years.. I think when it was just a website and possibly run from his house. Now he has a storefront in Winnipeg.

Really proud of the guy. He also has a lot of wrestling collectibles and other things.. Check it out..

Anyway.. Card... Enough babbling..

I'm always on the lookout for Canadian born player autographs. Jeff Zimmerman played for a few years in Texas and then vanished. 
I bought this card as an early birthday present to myself. I turn 45 on April 1. 

Any time I order anything from Curtis, he's nice enough to throw in a couple extra cards. This time was three Skybox cards. Bayron Lora screwed himself before he was 20 with assault allegations that had him dropped by the Rangers.. 
Carlos Colmenarez is an 18 year old in the Rays system.. 
Then we have a card of some guy named Griffey..

Thanks again for another easy and wonderful transaction, Curtis. And as always.. Check out his store at

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