Monday, May 16, 2022

Northern Expos-ure

 In preparing to move, I've found cards I'm not honestly sure I've ever covered on here. So if I show stuff I have before.... I'm sorry..

These cards are from Flying V Cards and Breaks. 

Here's the business card..

So the name of this post is a pun, obviously.. Expos! 
Some 71s, a couple 74s, a 72, and a Zellers Gary Carter.
I think the Morton must be from Spring Training. 

Another 74, this time Ken Singleton. Again, it looks like a Spring Training photo. Tim Wallach in a 1983 Stuart Bakery from the Expos team sets. And two more Zellers Carters. 

These are nice cards. If I showed them before, I apologize. Otherwise, enjoy!


  1. That Stuart Bakery card of Wallach is cool. Hard not to like a food issue card with a simple, yet attractive design.

  2. Bob Bailey's childhood photo is really great. Definitely one of the better ones in the set.

    1. That's the first one I've seen. I guess that must be where Triple Play got the inspiration from