Tuesday, August 21, 2018

One Million Expos: An Update

I'm just finishing up 1999 for Topps/OPC (I've just done base plus inserts. Stadium Club/Finest/etc will be separate) 

The total right now is 1690

Today I want to show the cards I have double digits of so far... 

I imagine the years won't be a surprise.. 

I have 10 Steve Frey 

I have 10 Andres Galarraga in his stretch pose..

I have 10 Dennis Martinez waiting for the ball to be thrown back..

I have 14 Joe Hesketh ready to throw the ball in anger. 

Are we surprised that they're all 1990 and 1991?
In a way, I'm surprised I don't have more 1987s on here.. 

Anyway.. I just wanted to give a quick update. 

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