Friday, February 2, 2018

Some 78's from The Summer of '74

As has been way too often recently, this week has been rough. It was a short week though, so that part is good.. 

I've been talking with Matt of Summer of '74 on Twitter recently. Part of the conversations have been finding things other people need. He came across a few cards before I needed, and sent them up to me. Not too long ago, he mentioned he was looking through 1978 Topps duplicates. Since I'm working on the set, I mentioned I had a want list.. So I sent it to him.. 

And I got a nice bundle back.. 

It's funny.. I thought Tony Perez was with the Expos in the 80s, not the late 70s. But, he was with the Expos from 1977-1979. 
Lots of Brewers here too. 
I like those Pirates uniforms shown on the Garner card. 

I really like those Manager cards.. 
An Expos card I didn't have before! (I didn't have the Perez above either) 

Barry Bonnell as a Brave. He spent a couple seasons in the early 80s with the Jays.
Dave Collins spent some time with the Jays as well. 

I really like some of these cards here.
One thing that jumps out to me is the Tito Fuentes card.. Is that a Spring Training site? It doesn't look like Tiger Stadium.. 

Tim Blackwell.. Another Expos card I didn't have at all. 
I think I like the Indians uniforms from this time frame. 

Ken Brett really does look like George there, doesn't he? (Yes, I know they're brothers) 
Fergie Jenkins! 
That jacket Grant Jackson is wearing in that photo is unique.. 

These weren't the only cards present.. 

The Rogers and Cerone cards are going into the team binders. 
In fact, all these cards are going into the team binders. 

The 1989s are for the set. 
The 1990s are for the team binder as well. 

I was really happy to be able to knock off a bunch of needs from the 1978 set. I still need a bunch from it, but I'm working on it slowly. 

Thank you Matt for the wonderful trade! Your cards are on their way to you. 

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