Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Jays And...... Dodgers

Finally feeling closer to myself again, so why not throw a new post out there.. 

This one will go through the people who have played for both the Jays and the Dodgers. 

Before I start on this, I knew some of the players beforehand. 
Guys like Alfredo Griffin, Mike Sharperson, Shawn Green, Raul Mondesi, and Russell Martin. 

Some I didn't know. And that's why I like doing these things..

So let's get started!

Al Oliver
He split 1985 with the Jays and Dodgers. 
He was traded for another person on this list, Len Matuszek.
Oliver also appeared for the Expos.

Alfredo Griffin

Played for the Jays from 1979-1984 then 1992-1993
Played for the Dodgers from 1988-1991
He was a member of the 1988 World Series winning Dodger team as well as both the 1992 and 1993 Jays Series winners. 

Bill Singer

Played for the Jays in 1977
Played for the Dodgers from 1964-1972

The leaders card was the only example in my collection of Singer as a Dodger.
He was a focal point of the Jays marketing for the first season, going so far as being the Opening Day starter. 

Bob Bailor

Played for the Jays from 1977-1980
Played for the Dodgers in 1984-1985
He was the Jays first pick in the Expansion Draft

Brandon League

Jays: 2004-2010
Dodgers: 2012-2014

I just remember him being very wild when I would watch games. 
Apparently, he spent last year with the New Britain Bees in the Atlantic League. 

Candy Maldonado

Time Spent with Dodgers: 1981-1985
Time with Jays: 1991-1992; 1995

Maldonado was part of the Jays first World Series win, but honestly I don't remember that much about him. He spent part of 1995 with the Jays and was sent to the Rangers in a Conditional Deal.. 

Casey Blake

Jays: 1999
Dodgers: 2008-2011

Casey Blake bounced around a few organizations until he ended up in Cleveland. 
In 2008, he was traded by Cleveland to Los Angeles for Carlos Santana and Jon Meloan

Cesar Izturis

Jays: 2001
Dodgers: 2002-2006

Izturis was traded by the Jays to the Dodgers with Paul Quantrill for Chad Ricketts and Luke Prokopec. 
In 2006, he was traded to the Cubs for Greg Maddux. 

Cory Snyder

Jays: 1991
Dodgers: 1993-1994

There really isn't much I can say about him. He spent 21 games with the Jays in 1991.. 

Darren Hall

Jays: 1994-1995
Dodgers: 1996-1998

He went to the Dodgers as a Free Agent 
This was the start of some very forgettable times for the Jays. 
Honourable mention to 1995 Fleer... 

Darrin Fletcher

Dodgers: 1989-1990
Jays: 1998-2002

Fletcher was traded by the Dodgers to the Phillies for Dennis Cook. 
He ended up making an impact in the Majors with the Expos, then the Jays. 

Dave Stewart

Dodgers: 1978; 1981-1983
Jays: 1993-1994

Everyone remembers Stewart as a member of the A's. It wasn't until Oakland where he had a defined role.
He helped the Jays win the Series in 1993, then finished his career in Oakland in 1995. 

David Wells

Jays: 1987-1992, 1999-2000
Dodgers: 2007

Wells bounced around a lot in his career. Started with the Jays in an undefined role. Became a starter once he went to the Tigers. 
Came to the Jays again in 1999 when the Jays were forced to move Roger Clemens. Forced the Jays to move him in 2000 when he wanted out of Toronto again.. 
He signed with the Dodgers in August 2007 after being released by the Padres. 

Devon White

Jays: 1991-1995
Dodgers: 1999-2000

White was a member of the two Series winning teams for the Jays. 
He was traded by the Dodgers to the Brewers for Marquis Grissom. 

Dioner Navarro

Dodgers: 2005-2006; 2011
Jays: 2014-2015; 2016

I completely missed the 2011 stint with the Dodgers for Navarro at first.
He spent 2014 and 2015 with the Jays, went to the White Sox in 2016 before returning for the stretch drive. 

Doyle Alexander

Dodgers: 1971
Jays: 1983-1986

For whatever reason, I get Alexander and Jim Clancy mixed up in my mind. 

Doyle was part of a trade that brought Frank Robinson to the Dodgers. 
He signed with the Jays after being released by the Yankees and was traded to the Braves for Duane Ward in 1986. 

Esteban Loaiza

Jays: 2000-2002
Dodgers: 2007-2008

He was traded by the Rangers to the Jays for Michael Young and Darwin Cubillan
He ended up with the Dodgers after being waived by the Athletics. He was released in 2008 then signed with the White Sox the next day.

Of course, most recently, he was found with 20 KG of cocaine and is accused of trafficking. 

Fred McGriff

Jays: 1986-1990
Dodgers: 2003

McGriff was part of the trade that brought Joe Carter and Roberto Alomar to the Jays. 

Giovanni Cararra

Jays: 1995-1996
Dodgers: 2001-2002; 2004-2006

He's honestly another one I have forgotten about. 
The time from 2004-2006 with the Dodgers seems to have been multiple one year contracts with some time spent in other organizations minor leagues before returning.. 

Jason Phillips

Dodgers: 2005
Jays: 2006-2007

There are three cards shown here for a reason..
The bottom two are shown with the respective teams. 
The first one has the Dodgers uni in full display, but a Jays logo in the corner. 

Jayson Werth

Jays: 2002-2003
Dodgers: 2004-2005

Aside from looking like Edge's doppleganger, 

See what I mean??

Werth was traded to the Dodgers from the Jays for Jason Frasor. 

Jeff Kent

Jays: 1992
Dodgers: 2005-2008

Kent was traded by the Jays to the Mets for David Cone. 
He ended his career with the Dodgers. 

Jim Gott

Jays: 1982-1984
Dodgers: 1990-1994

The Jays traded him to the Giants for Gary Lavelle. 
He ended his career with the Pirates

John Candelaria

Jays: 1990
Dodgers: 1991-1992

He split 1990 with the Twins and Jays. 

Jorge Orta

Dodgers: 1982
Jays: 1983

Although he spent more time with the White Sox, he's always someone I've associated with the Royals. It wasn't until I got a card of him as a Jay that I realized he spent time with Toronto. 
The Mets were used as a Go-between for the Dodgers and Jays, as he was traded to the Mets, who then traded him to the Jays.

Jose Cruz Jr

Jays: 1997-2002
Dodgers: 2005-2006

He bounced around a fair bit in his career. 
He found his way to the Dodgers after being selected off waivers from the Red Sox. 
After the Dodgers, he spent seasons with Houston and San Diego.

J.P. Howell

Dodgers: 2013-2016
Jays: 2017

His time in Toronto was horrid. Injuries worked against him until he was released in August. 

Juan Rivera

Jays: 2011
Dodgers: 2011-2012

He was purchased by the Dodgers from the Jays in 2011.. 
The most memorable thing in a Jays uniform for him was he was part of the return for Vernon Wells. 

Juan Samuel

Dodgers: 1990-1991
Jays: 1996-1998

I don't recall much of Samuel with the Jays. It was at the point in time where I was listening to games on the radio more than watching. 

Len Matuszek

Jays: 1985
Dodgers: 1985-1987

He was traded for Al Oliver, as mentioned above. 

Luke Prokopec

Dodgers: 2000-2001
Jays: 2002

Interestingly enough, in November of 2002, he signed with the Dodgers again, but was taken in the Rule 5 Draft by the Reds. He never played for the Reds, but I just find that interesting. 

Mariano Duncan

Dodgers: 1985-1987; 1989
Jays 1997

Duncan and Juan Samuel are two others I generally tend to mix up. 
He spent 39 games with Toronto in 1997, the rest spent with the Yankees. 

Mark Hendrickson

Jays: 2002-2003
Dodgers: 2006-2007

The main things I remember about Hendrickson is that he was tall.. And didn't throw that hard. 
I seem to remember them bringing up him being a former basketball player as well.. 

Mat Latos

Dodgers: 2015
Jays: 2017

He spent 2015 split between LA, Miami, and the Angels.
He did horribly for the Jays in 2017, starting 3 games before being released.

Mike Huff

Dodgers: 1989
Jays: 1994-1996

I didn't even know this was the same Mike Huff that played for the White Sox. 
He was taken by the Sox in the Rule 5 draft, and was traded to the Jays for Domingo Martinez

Mike Morgan

Jays: 1983
Dodgers: 1989-1991

Really, Mike Morgan will connect the Jays with half the league. He was in the last one I did with Arizona. Now the next time he'll be seen is during the NL Central matches.. 

Mike Sharperson

Jays: 1987
Dodgers: 1987-1993

Interestingly enough, he was the piece that brought Juan Guzman from the Dodgers to the Jays. 
I don't know why he's the guy that's stuck with me for so many years when I think of players who have worn Jays and Dodgers unis, but he has.. 

Mitch Webster

Jays: 1983-1985
Dodgers: 1991-1995

He was drafted by the Dodgers in 1977, but was drafted by the Jays from the Dodgers in 1979.. 
Otherwise, I don't recall him at all.. 

Octavio Dotel

Dodgers: 2010
Jays: 2011

He split 2010 with the Dodgers, Pirates, and Rockies.
He spent 2011 with the Cardinals and Jays. 

Orlando Hudson

Jays: 2002-2005
Dodgers: 2009

2009 was the start of Hudson bouncing from team to team until he was unable to find a job. 

Otis Nixon

Jays: 1996-1997
Dodgers: 1997

The Jays traded Nixon to the Dodgers for minor leaguer Bobby Cripps. 

Paul Quantrill

Jays: 1996-2001
Dodgers: 2002-2003

I've mentioned earlier in this post how Quantrill was traded between the two teams. 
Here I'll just mention that he's from Port Hope, Ontario. 

Raul Mondesi

Dodgers: 1993-1999
Jays: 2000-2002

He was traded for Shawn Green.
The Jays then sent him to the Yankees in 2002 for Scott Wiggins. 

Reed Johnson

Jays: 2003-2007
Dodgers: 2010

Johnson was one of my favourite players in Jays colours. I guess I've always liked the scrappy type.
His stint with the Dodgers comes as the meat of a Cubs Sandwich. 

Rickey Henderson

Jays: 1993
Dodgers: 2003

The better question would be... Is there a place Rickey hasn't played???
1993 Rickey was the "consolation prize" by the Jays after failing to get Randy Johnson from the Mariners. 
By 2003 he was 44 and still hanging on.. 

Rick Trlicek

Jays: 1992
Dodgers: 1993

He went to the Dodgers via waivers. 
He played all of 2 games for the Jays, which is probably why I don't remember the guy..

Rod Barajas
Jays: 2008-2009
Dodgers: 2010-2011

Barajas was purchased by the Dodgers from the Mets in 2010

Ron Fairly

Dodgers: 1958-1969
Jays 1977

An interesting thing about Fairly:
He was part of the expansion year for both the Jays and the Expos. He was traded by the Dodgers to the Expos for Maury Wills and Manny Mota. 
He was traded by the Athletics to the Jays for minor Leaguer Mike Weathers

Russell Martin

Dodgers: 2006-2010
Jays: 2015-current

Canadian born player!

Shawn Green

Jays: 1993-1999
Dodgers: 2000-2004

Green wanted to be closer to his home in California, and was looking to leave Toronto for somewhere closer when his contract ended in 2000. The Jays shipped him to LA for Mondesi rather than have him leave and get nothing. 

Ted Lilly

Jays: 2004-2006
Dodgers: 2010-2013

About the only thing I remember about Lilly is his insurance fraud thing after he retired.. 

Terry Adams

Dodgers: 2000-2001
Jays: 2004

He was alright for the Jays. Traded to the Red Sox to help with their pennant drive. 

Tom Candiotti

Jays: 1991
Dodgers: 1992-1997
He was brought in by the Jays in 1991 for the pennant drive, the Jays giving up Glenallen Hill, Mark Whiten, and Denis Boucher for him. 
He signed with the Dodgers as a free agent after the 1991 season. 

Tom Hutton

Dodgers: 1966; 1969
Jays: 1978

He's probably best known for being an announcer for the Expos and Marlins. 

Others who didn't have cards made for one team or the other include:

Brett Anderson, Darwin Barney, Kevin Beirne, Geronimo Berroa, Mike Bolsinger, Pedro Borbon, Jacob Brumfield, Jesse Chavez, Omar Daal, Dana Eveland, Nick Green, Mark Guthrie, Chad Hermansen, Shea Hillenbrand, Andy LaRoche, Nelson Liriano, Justin Miller, Trever Miller, Brandon Morrow, Ramon Ortiz, Sergio Santos, Dick Schofield Nick Tepesch, Tom Wilson, and Tanyon Sturtze

So there's that list.. Next will likely be the Rockies. 


  1. Wow, there's a ton of them. ... Sometimes I get Blue Jays cards from people who think they're Dodgers. But not as often as I get Royals cards.

    1. I can see the Royals for sure, with both having the Blue and cursive. Jays is a little odder.. lol

  2. Don't really think about how many players must play for any two given teams - but this sure makes it seem like a lot! Edge doppelganger.....with those pics, looks so true!

    1. It's something that's always interested me, especially now with the Free Agent Movement so rampant.