Monday, February 12, 2018

Another First Row Trade

I've mentioned it here before, but I talk with the owner of First Row Collectibles on Twitter. 

We've worked out a couple trades so far. This is the latest one we worked on..

I had a bunch of the Collect-a-Books lying around that someone claimed a while back but never got back to me about them after me repeatedly trying to contact them, so they lost out. (I mean something around a year ago) I told Curtis what I had and he agreed to take all the ones I was willing to send him. 

What I got in return was a nice batch of cards here..

Anthony Alford and Freddie Freeman are the newest cards in that pile there.. 
Some Larry Walker 1990 cards as well. It's interesting to think that I still need two copies of that Fleer one. 
Actually, the 1990 Topps is a "Cards Your Mom Threw Out" one 
Tim Raines rounds out that scan. 1982 Topps Seals leaders, KayBee, and two thirds of a Zellers panel. 

Joe Carter in the other Jays uniform I liked. 
The nice ones here have to be the Bowman of Bo, Vlad Jr and Clemens. 
Justin Morneau is always welcome as well. 

The final group is another Bo and some other Minor Jays. 
Russell Martin is a Chrome Dodger here and Paul Molitor is shown in the Topps 60 insert they put out a few years ago.. 

There is one card that was missed in the exchange, but is on its way to me.. I noticed he had a Charlie Simmer card. I collect Charlie Simmer. We had a miscommunication, but it's being fixed. All you can hope for. 

As always, check out
He has a bunch of different things available... And his prices are in Canadian... Meaning, our American friends get a break.


  1. You were pretty patient to give the guy a year to want those Collect-A-Books. In the end, though I'm sure you had a better transaction with First Row so congrats on completing a trade. Each time you post I find myself missing more and more the Montreal Expos. Selfishly I'm happy that the Nationals are around as I get to see at least one game, usually, a year. But I just have a hard time thinking about baseball without them.

    1. I thought I was more than patient.. lol
      We've completed a couple trades already before this one and I can tell he would have enjoyed having them in his collection, so why not?

      I miss the Expos and wish the Nationals nothing but hardship lol I've also been wishing for Jeffrey Loria to be hit by a bus, but still waiting on that one too... Though I'm sure the three Marlins fans left are in the same boat..