Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Some Cards in the Mail

 Hello Friends!

I know I've kind of gotten away from doing these "Look what I got!" posts.  A long time it was due to being stuck in the hospital. After that it was not really having the setup I wanted. Well, I still don't have the setup I want. But I've found ways to take pics on my phone. 

ANYWAY.. Frequent commenter and fellow Canadian Ron Easton and I are in the process of completing a trade on TCDB. I have the cards pulled, but need to send. There are a couple others I need to pull. I got two of what will likely be three envelopes from Ron today.

In these envelopes, I got a bunch of OPC and a bunch of 1992 Fleer Ultra. Today I'm going to show off 5 cards I received. 

Interesting fact.. Jesus Alou didn't actually play for the Expos. He was drafted by the Expos in the expansion draft, then sent to the Astros in January of 69 in the deal for Rusty Staub. Of the Alou brothers, only Matty had zero ties to the Expos. 

Reggie Cleveland in 81 Donruss and the1980 All Time Tigers card of John Hiller. 

Finally, this Mother's Cookies Terry Puhl. Absolutely love this card.

Thanks Ron! I hope the last envelope arrives soon and that we can trade again!


  1. Keep your eyes glued to the mail...although I don't think I mailed the third one til yesterday...I got caught up in another big trade right after we agreed and then about five more came in, so I have been packing and mailing a lot! Likely about Tuesday the last one will arrive.

  2. Not too bad. BTW, I think we've done a trade or two on TCDB as well (walkingshadow), or at least we attempted it at one time. I'm down in Michigan, home of the Tigers, where they are making a huge deal about this being Miguel Cabrera's final season.

  3. I think that the Expos got the better of that Alou/Staub trade.

    1. It was the one that Donn Clendenon was part of originally but refused to report to Houston.