Monday, May 15, 2023

1975 OPC

 I recently got a bunch of Expos cards from CrazieJoe. Not a Cliff Floyd Ted Williams in the bunch lol 

However, I did get some nice Expos OPC cards from the 70s and 1980.. 

I want to show the 1975 OPC cards today. I'm sure this post will be Night Owl approved.. 

Balor Moore also ended up pitching for the Jays in the 80s. 
I think these pics are taken in West Palm Beach at Spring Training.

Dale Murray had two stints in Montreal and also played in Toronto. 
Mike Torrez is kind of interesting. After his 1974 season in Montreal, he went to be a 20 game winner in Baltimore in 75.. Then Oakland, Yankees, Boston, Mets, Oakland from 1976-1984.

Finally, Steve Rogers. 
I'd be interested to find this out.. If he were pitching today, would he be known as Captain America? Obviously, the whole thing with Marvel would stop him from being able to use that in say.. Players weekend, but it makes me wonder.. 
Of course, the funny thing about it is Captain America would have spent his entire career playing for a French Canadian city... 


  1. I tell ya it's hard to complete my 1975 OPC set still

  2. As much as I love '75, I have no intention of trying to complete the OPC set. ... I would like all the Dodgers though.

    1. Understandable. I thought of you when I started writing this post. 75 gets the Night Owl hoot of approval lol

  3. Sed me all your OPC's. Still missing a lot of 70's.

    1. I'll see what's in my dupes box for OPC. This batch is basically all new to me.
      Of course, I'll need Expos in return lol