Sunday, May 7, 2023

Signature Saturdays - Sunday May 7

 I'm back with my Signature Saturday post.. On a Sunday.. Again... lol

On one hand I'm upset with myself that I can't keep myself to this simple schedule.. On the other, I know that doing it a day late is better than saying "F it" and not doing it at all.. 

Anyway.. I have a nice one today.. 

And by a nice one, I mean three.. 
1978 team card with Tim Nordbrook, Doug Rader, and Jim Clancy!
The sticky note on top was helpfully provided by the person who sent me this to let me know who signed it. 


  1. Gonna try to get the other 40 guys on there?!?;)

    1. Probably not. Lol Some might be tough seeing as I'm sure some are gone...

  2. I like how the sender even noted roughly where each signature was :)

  3. A day late is indeed better than not doing it at all. In fact... I wanted to write two different posts last week, but life happens and they probably won't get written until next year. But a year late is better than not doing it at all, right?