Monday, January 9, 2023

Cards from a Break

 I've mentioned before I'm part of a group called Team Collectors. Obviously, I collect Jays.. I do get Expos cards and the odd Canadian player from the other members, but mainly Jays.

All that being said, there was a break around Christmas. Update and a couple other boxes. I had another member nice enough to pay for my spot for me so I could take part. I received the cards in the mail on Friday, but didn't actually get them in hand until Sunday when I went and checked my box.. 

I'm not going to show all of them, but I'll show some interesting ones.. 

For some reason, I think this is called "New Classics" but of course, the silver/white combo makes it impossible to read.. It's a lot of fill in the blanks, but New Cais makes zero sense.. lol

Who doesn't love an Expos card? Here we have a Vlad Sr in 78 style. 

Here is my usual rant about the use of "Mascot" rather than the actual name of the mascot on the card..
If you're tired of reading it, I don't mind if you scroll on..

The Toronto Blue Jays mascot is named Ace. I don't know why they haven't been able to put his name on the cards, but it's annoying. I'd rather not have a card of Ace before seeing Ace listed as "Mascot" 
I feel this way about any mascot. They have names.. Put them on the card! 

I'm not sure what set this is from, but it's odd to see Carlos listed as a catcher (He came up as a catcher, was moved to LF, then 1B) and as a member of the Dunedin Blue Jays.

I'm sure you're wondering why this random Marlin is in with my Blue Jays.. Well, it's twofold.. 
One: He's Canadian. And after this card was released, he became a Blue Jay. 

Well, tihs is another non-Blue Jay.. He's another Canadian. At least we know we won't get him mixed up with a different Tyler Black. Especially since he goes by a different name nowadays... 

Vlad Jr Bomb Squad. Seems legit..

Here we have a bit of a "compare and contrast" exercise. 
Panini obviously was able to make a card of the famous Bautista Bat Flip. They even have his nickname.

Of course, this is the more popular version. Topps got a lot of mileage out of that image in 2016. I think I prefer the Topps card, though I do like the timing on the Panini version.

Which one do you prefer, dear reader?? Has my constant ranting about the mascot cards gotten annoying? Or do you tune it out?


  1. I wonder if there's some sort of weird licensing thing with Ace.

    If we look at all the Topps cards of Ace from TCDB
    (, the name "Ace" appears only once - in 2010, and only on the back at that! (

    I like how on this 2021 card, apparently the word "mascot" is trademarked. No doubt a template (

    1. A licensing thing is what I've heard as speculation.
      I just checked this year's mascot set and there are two that don't have their names.. Ace and Stomper. the A's mascot.

  2. Yeah, I'm sure that is a licensing matter, but I don't understand how Topps routinely gets the rights to use pictures of mascots, but not their names. I agree with Mike--if you can't use the name, don't make the card! (I'm not that big a fan of mascot cards anyway.)

    The Delgado Dunedin card is from 2022 Pro Debut. There's an insert set of 20 legends--ranging from Jackie Robinson and Ted Williams to Kevin Pillar and Mo Vaughn--on the 1960 design. Clearly whoever made up the checklist is a Red Sox fan as 5 of the 20 are primarily associated with Boston. I'm used to seeing rookie cards of Delgado as a catcher including the Topps rookie with Mike Piazza--that's a special card to Mets fans like me.

    1. Thank you! I find it hard to keep up with inserts and sets and all that crap.. I find it interesting that Kevin Pillar is listed in there...
      I have some of Delgado's rookie cards.
      Honestly, the last mascot cards I liked were Upper Deck cards of BJ Birdie and Youppi... I also like the Provigo Expos cards that have Youppi..

  3. I guess it's unanimous, if you can't use the mascots name (for whatever reason), just don't make the card.