Saturday, May 16, 2020

More Trades

Well, it took a couple days but I'm back to finish off the trades post I made. 

This is part two. 

First was a small PWE from Team Collectors member AXHawks24. 
A nice Joe Musgrove auto and a 2019 Donruss Jonathan Davis

I didn't realize Musgrove played in the Jays minor league system. It turns out he was part of the deal that brought Happ to the Jays from the Astros. 

Second is a small PWE I received from Team Collectors member Sideshow. 
These are all needed cards for me as well. The Diaz in the middle is a Rainbow Foil. 
I'm not sure how I feel about Chrome in Heritage. 

Now.. I don't want to get off on a rant here, but Heritage should be an old school set with not many gimmicks. Use the old card styles. Show a mix of modern and old school players (preferably players who actually played during the time you're showing the card designs from) and leave the gimmickry elsewhere. Not everything needs chrome and multiple coloured parallels. 

Of course, that's just my opinion... I could be wrong.. 


Anyway.. The final trade was a bubble mailer full of nice stuff from Team Collectors Member Nimster

RIP Damaso Garcia. 
I was looking at that Sprague Donruss card for a while.. I don't know if it's the angle the photo was taken at but.... I don't think legs/feet/ankles are supposed to bend the way the front leg does... 
Those Gallery cards are nice as well. 
Glaus' card is a Jays card in the way the team stamp is Jays. 

I honestly didn't realize I needed as much of the 2014 team set as I did.. 
I love the photo on that Bowman Bautista. Also always nice to get Vlad Jr. 
It's hard to be a Jays collector at this point wanting to find Vlad/Bo/Cavan because they've been hyped for a few years.. Also hearing people saying those looking for those guys aren't real collectors. Well, the only reason I want those three is they're Jays.. And in the Vlad case.. Jay and Canadian born. 

Hey look a Tim Raines!!
I like the couple Bo cards here. I also like the DK Guerrero here. I really liked the old school Diamond Kings cards.. 
Danny Jansen is from one of those TBT sets. My one gripe about the TBT sets is there's nothing on the back about the player.. Just that it's part of the Throwback Thursday set.. Yippee.. I know this. I want info on the player on the front, not a Barry Horowitz style back pat by Topps.. 

The back pat is in there, for reference. 

Hey! There's a Biggio here. And a Blue Bichette.. A Shiny Vlad DK! And a Galarraga Expo!

The Donruss and the GQ cards here, if I'm not mistaken, come from a Box break that was done on the site free of charge for us members. 
There are some nice ones here. Bichette, Guerrero, Zeuch, Gurriel, Kay... 

Ryu! Both the base and a black and white version. 
A Bichette fortune teller card as well. 

Thank you for the cards, gentlemen! 


  1. Panini did a really good job hiding the lack of logo on that first Jonathan Davis card, and I don't know if it's the black border, or what, but the image really pops on that card as well.

  2. Voting for the second Vlad Jr. DK.