Monday, May 11, 2020

Catching up on Trades and Other Incoming

I've fallen behind again on getting incoming cards catalogued and scanned. 
Today I'm going to show a couple I received. Tomorrow will be a couple more I received. 

First is everyone's favourite Dodger fan on the Eastern side of the US, Night Owl. 

He had sent me some cards a little while ago saying he hoped to fill some spots in the Frankenset. 
Well, he did fill some spots.. But in the collection. These are the ones I didn't have. I'm really happy to see the Carter and Johnson archives. I still need/want to get the 50th anniversary Expos set. 

Next is a trade from the Trading Card Database.. 

A bunch of 1997 Pacific Crown Collection Expos. I also got a Matt Stairs and a couple Jays I just realized I forgot to scan. These were from alchapman

The third trade I'm showing is from fritz63. 

We have a couple set needs with the Edgar 90 Topps and the Studios. Kirk McCaskill also makes an appearance. 

Some more Jays and Expos plus a Fergie Jenkins that I've never seen before.. 

Thanks for the trades!! 


  1. I wasn't a big fan of that particular Archives set, but the Expos with the light blue background sure are attractive, I don't recall seeing any of those on the blogs before.

  2. I'd love to get my hands on a box of those 1993 UD B.A.T. Triple Folders. Great looking cards.

  3. Voting for the Edgar Martinez. Standing around in a jacket seems appropriate for a DH.