Monday, May 18, 2020

Blue Jays Maxwell House Team Set

Today I want to show an oddball set I acquired from a former boss of mine. His wife at the time was helping him clear out some of the extra clutter at their house and came across a bunch of baseball cards.. I've had these for a while but decided I should maybe show them off.. 

They came from Maxwell House Coffee.. I don't know if they were inserted in the can, or in a sleeve on the inside lid, or what.. But... 

Toronto Blue Jays Team Photos. 

There was a Base white set and a Gold Parallel Set. I have the whole Gold Parallel set.

There is a Header card as well, just stating Maxwell House Toronto Blue Jays 1977-1992. I heard there was also a booklet for the cards but I don't have that.

So here we go, the front shows a team photo. The back shows the players names and information on that season. 

There we go.. That's the set.. As I mentioned, there's a white bordered set and a Gold Bordered set.. I have the gold.. I only have one card from the white bordered set.. I actually like the gold borders on them. 


  1. My mom was a big Maxwell drinker at the time, and I was collecting, so she actually sent in for the set for me, so I have the nice little binder that it comes in too. It is a great little set and would be nice if someone did one again.

  2. Never seen these before, they're really nice. Maybe I'm seeing things but the 1990 team card looks like a painting and not a photo?

    1. I like them. I don't have an extra complete set, but I do have some years left.
      They're all photos, though it does look a little different, eh?

  3. Very cool. Have never owned any of them. And didn't know there was a gold bordered set for that matter.

    Thanks for taking the time to scan / share all of those, Mike!

  4. got this set unopened never looked at it