Tuesday, September 3, 2019

TCDB Trades

I have a couple trades to cover. 

Today's been a very stressful day, it being my first day back to work for the school year and driving a new route. I got home around 5 and I still feel like throwing up due to stress... 

So this may be a little short, or just not a whole lot written.. 

First trade I want to cover is from bizauer

We have a couple Expos here, with a 1984 Active Leaders card featuring Al Oliver in Expos gear, and two Former Expos in Rusty Staub and Tony Perez. 
Paul Quantrill is from a town not too far from my current home. He's from Port Hope, Ontario. 

Next, some Topps Big. They were rather interesting cards. 
This was during the time where Tim wanted to be called Rock. 

Next trade I want to show is from itsjustoldcardboard

Some Upper Deck Masterpieces and the Stroman Gary Vee card. Still really have no clue who the guy is.. Not really inclined to find out. *shrug*

The third trade is from althib

Some Expos here with McClure and Nettles. 
Those are 89 Traded.
90 Score to help with that set. 

Some 1991 cards here to help with sets. I love the old Studio sets. I wasn't a fan when they became just another set. I liked the oddball information they provided. Like 1993, the Astros infielders listed current Vancouver Canadians manager Casey Candaele as their pet peeve. 

Vince Horsman is Canadian. We have some Ricky Romero. After he retired he ended up doing some broadcasting. He did the Vancouver Canadians games shown on Sportsnet up here. 
The Pinnacles help towards those sets. As do the 2015s. 

The final trade I want to show is from MasterOfPuppets. 

Larry Walker I believe will go into my Canadians binder. As will Nigel Wilson and Rheal Cormier. Leiter and Grissom will go into the respective binders. 

More Big League to work on the set. I'm really hoping to be able to complete this set. 

Thank you for the trades, everyone!


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    1. December 6, 1987: Signed as a Free Agent with the Atlanta Braves.

      March 24, 1988: Purchased by the Montreal Expos from the Atlanta Braves.

      November 4, 1988: Granted Free Agency.

      From his Baseball Reference page