Sunday, September 29, 2019

Heritage and Archives

As a result of surviving the first two weeks of hell, I bought a blaster of Archives and a small box thing of 35 cards of Heritage Hi Numbers. 

What I got? Well, here it is.. 

Here are the Hi Number cards.. No Jays, so I'm not interested in keeping them.. 

The Archives are here below. 
I generally like the Archives releases, I also know I won't be in a position to collect the set, so again, I'm just looking for the Jays, Expos, and Canadians. 

It's odd seeing Ty Cobb in a 1975 style. Somehow, the Deion Sanders looks nice.
I like that Stargell as well. 

The 1993 set is interesting.. It was not a set I collected in the wild at the time. Partially because 1993 the cards weren't avaiable in Terrace Bay or Thunder Bay. 
Now... Fan Favorites.. Laz Diaz??? 

I did get two Jays this time though. Sanchez, who's now an Astro. 
Tellez, who is possibly the first baseman of the future for Toronto. 

Well, if you like any of the cards here, let me know.. We might be able to work something out. 


  1. After the September start - definitely worth splurging on a little card goodness for yourself.

  2. If I had to pick one... I'd go with Archives. Haven't bought any yet, but I probably will eventually.

    1. I do enjoy Archives. I just know this year I won't be buying enough of it to work on the set.. Unless something changes and I buy a box or something..