Monday, March 25, 2019

Weekend Trade

I finally started getting a little more active on the Trading Card Database. 
Saturday I made a trade in person through the Database. 

I want to show some of the cards I got in return. 

Some nice Jays and Expos from the early 80s. 
The Donruss are actually the Leaf releases. 

The trade actually came in after I decided to no longer collect the Diamond Kings unless I was collecting the set, but I hadn't had a chance to remove them from my want lists. I may change my mind at some point, as they are still beautiful cards. 

A couple nice older cards as well.. Reggie Cleveland rookie and a Ted Bowsfield card. Both are Canadian born and fit nicely in my binder. 

There was more. As I get through the cards, I'll post more most likely. 

Thanks for the trade, Sandyrusty!!!


  1. Love me some 80's Leaf baseball cards.

  2. I'm just not a fan of Diamond Kings. They do very little for me. Most are terrible "like"nesses. What the eff is up with that Brett Butler? I'd have sued the artist for defamation of character. Dave Collins has spectacular spectacles.

    1. I think they were going for "intense" but it came across more like you just cut him off in traffic.. lol
      Some I admit aren't the best depictions.. But I've always loved them..