Thursday, March 21, 2019

Reclassifying My Collection Pt 3

Well, I want to look at something different today.. 

The big part of what took me so long to get back into sorting my cards was the volume.. The other thing was trying to track what I had where.. I now see the Trading Card Database has the ability to make multiple collections and move cards between them.. Maybe when I'm bored I'll play around with that function. 

But for right now, what I'm doing is this: 

I have a spreadsheet open and set it up like this

So I'll enter the year, the manufacturer, the card number, the player(s) and then depending on where it goes, check off one or more of the boxes with the number of cards. 

So for example.. A 1984 OPC Gary Carter will have a 1 under Set and under Team. 
If it's a Larry Walker card for any of the 1990 sets, it'll have three boxes.. Set, Team, and Player.
Extra is for the ones over where they fit in my collection.
So if I have say... 10 1988 Donruss Andres Galarraga after the team and the set, I'd enter 10 in the Extra.

I'm doing this for both the Jays and the Expos, though the Expos is still my million project. For the Jays, I'm mainly using the Set, Team, and Player boxes. I have the two 1977 cards in Extra because they feature a Jay and an Expo. 

After I finish that, I do a print request for the set I'm working on.. 

And save them here.. 

What I'll do afterward is go through these and recreate my want list completely.. I'll set it up as I have above, but the check or (1) will be what category I need that card for. 

In a way, it may seem like a lot of work, and really it kind of is.. But what is worth doing is worth overthinking and overdoing.. lol 

The other reason I'm doing it this way is if I get overwhelmed part way through again, I can pick it up where I left off rather than trying to remember what goes where.. 

I know this is a boring non-card post, but I wanted to give a little insight on how I'm organizing this time around. 

Plus I'll do a little teaser:

I bought a few cards and they came in.. I'll show them off tomorrow.. 
Though one I'll have to hold off, since it's going to head Peter Steinberg's way.


  1. this is awesome to see and I like the way you are tracking and approaching your project.

  2. Have fun with this reclassification project!

  3. I wish I had some of these computering skills, it would probably make inventorying a little easier.