Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Jarry Park has a Back

 Hello Friends!

Last post was the front of the card I made for Jarry Park. I may play with it more to improve it some.. 

But today I created a back for it. 

I'm actually pretty happy about how this turned out..

I think the only thing I don't like is not having that much under the line. 

I will admit, I borrowed the template from this card:

I think if I was using more robust software, I could add things like year by year record and maybe smaller font size.. Though I think some of my friends and fellow collectors may like the font they don't need a magnifying glass for.. 


So, what say you? How was my attempt at the creation? Once I get more confortable/back on a better machine, I may try doing more freehand stuff.. Until then this is wonderful for me. 


  1. I like it a lot. It looks very tidy. I think it is a great idea to use a different card back than the Stuart. I loved the front because of the Stuart look but this looks great too.

    1. I like the back as well. I'm the type of person though that will still nitpick and find things I wish I added, or will play around with and add
      I do like the Stuart fronts for the cards.. I'm almost thinking of using it as a template but changing the colours depending on the team..
      Really I could do the same with the back..

  2. Nice job! I like the team logo and the park's dimensions.

    1. Thank you. I am really happy with it but as mentioned in the post itself, I'm never really happy with something I make.. I always find something I'd add or do differently. lol