Thursday, February 22, 2024

Jarry Park Front MK2

Hello Friends!

Tonight I want to share with you another version of the Jarry Park custom I've been working on. 

A couple things I didn't like about the first one was the way the logo looked. The other thing I didn't like was the lettering on the bottom. 

So I tried another version.. 

I may touch it up again, depending on how I feel.. 

So.. Drumroll please..

*drum roll* 

*watches the drum roll down the hallway, hopes nobody gets in the way.. hears it bounce down the stairs... * 


I think this version looks so much better.. About the only thing I might change would be the border on the top to blue. Otherwise, I love this version. This may actually end up turning into a template if I end up working on a set of stadium cards like I've been thinking about. 

What say you? Do you like this version? Would you change the top part to blue? Or does this work?


I ended up going and trying the blue border on the top.. 

This is what it looks like.. I think it works.. 


  1. I'd experiment with the blue just to see what it looks like, but it looks great as is.

    1. I was thinking about just trying the blue and seeing, as you said..