Thursday, July 7, 2022

All Time Team Canada - The Batters

 I had an idea that, honestly, would have been better suited for a week ago today. 

I've wanted to do this both as a blog post and in a video game for a while.. Make up a team of all Canadian players from all eras and see what kind of team I could make.. 

Some areas are very thin. For example, there are two players who had long careers as catchers. For a decent 2B and SS I had to pluck someone from the 1890s. First base and Outfield are stacked. 

I've left current players off the list aside from one just because most of the guys I've considered haven't had much of a career so far, or it's too early to rank them in the Top Tier. 

It's a 25 man roster. 5 Starting Pitchers, 6 Relief Pitchers, a Starting 9 and DH, and 5 bench players. I also have a Canadian manager, but it might surprise.. 

Anyway, enough explanation. Let's get on with it..


The Brantford Ontario native was a player and a manager. He transitioned to managing full time after a near fatal beaning. 
He managed the Detroit Wolverines, the Kansas City Cowboys, St. Louis Browns, and Pittsburgh Pirates.
His overall record was 452-444


Born in East York, raised in Montreal. 
Played for the Dodgers, Pirates, Yankees, and Blue Jays.

First Base

Born in New Westminster BC
The first really difficult option though some were easy to discount. 
Morneau played for the Twins, Pirates, Rockies, and White Sox.

Second Base

Though his stats aren't the best, he's the longest-serving player at 2B. He was born in Digby Nova Scotia and settled in Boston in the 1870s. 
He played for 12 years between 1880-1891. 

Third Base

Born in Anola, Manitoba. 
Played for the Twins, Blue Jays, and Brewers. I think his career would have been better if he didn't suffer that concussion in 2006.


Shortstop was another thin position for the Canadians in this list..
He was born in Toronto
He played for Worcester, Providence, Philadelphia, Washington, and Boston between 1880-1894
He's probably better known for off-field things. He pioneered fielding gloves. After his playing days, he managed, scouted, and owned teams. He is believed to have jumped to his death into the Atlantic Ocean, and was found out to have a double life, with families in New York and in Boston. 

Left Fielder

The outfield was the most difficult part to figure out. 
Born in Huntsville, Ontario, Selkirk was nicknamed Twinkletoes due to the way he ran. He also took over in the outfield for Babe Ruth, including taking his uniform number with the Yankees. 
He played from 1934-1942. He transitioned to Managing and front office duties in the minor leagues and with the Washington Senators after being released after the War.

Centre Field

Born in Melville Saskatchewan, Puhl played for the Astros and the Royals. 
What started out as a two year trial for Puhl ended up being a 15 year career. 
He did have some injury troubles, but it also seemed the Astros wanted him to be something he wasn't. Rather than letting him be a line drive hitter in the vein of Tony Gwynn or Wade Boggs, they wanted him to hit for power. 
He's been inducted into the Saskatchewan Sports HOF, Canadian Baseball HOF, and Texas Baseball HOF.

Right Fielder

Born in Maple Ridge BC, he is the only Canadian batter in Cooperstown. 
He played for the Expos, Rockies, and Cardinals. 
Things could have been much different. He was interested in getting into hockey as a goalie, and tried out for the Regina Pats of the WHL, but was selected to play in Swift Current instead. He went home and concentrated on baseball.

Designated Hitter

Born in Saint John New Brunswick, he makes our DH. 265 Homers has him second all time. 
Fun fact: He has two nicknames... Wonder Hamster and Newf.. I get the first, but not the second.. Unless it's the classic mixup of St John/St John's.
He played for half the league.. 


Jeff Heath - Fort William, Ontario

Jason Bay - Trail, BC

Joey Votto - Toronto Ontario
He's the only active player on my list

Pete Ward - Montreal Quebec

George Gibson - London Ontario

I suppose I could have made him a player/manager

So, this is my position player list. 
Do you agree? Would you move people around? Am I insane?

Next time will be my pitching staff.. If you want to take some guesses there, be my guest


  1. When I think of Canadian players, Votto is the first player that comes to mind. I just compared his numbers with Morneau's on Baseball Reference... and I agree with Elliptical Man. Votto trumps Morneau.

    1. Yeah, it's really one of those ones that could argue either way to me. I'm sure at another time (IE: Not 2am) I would have Votto as the starter..

  2. I agree that Votto should beat out Morneau at first, but then I'd probably have Morneau over Stairs as DH. (All three are lefties, so no point in platooning them.)

    1. You're probably right.. Stairs might hold more value as a bench player/pinch hitter..

  3. Wow, Bay and Votto on the bench. I'm surprised but Morneau and Matt Stairs had good, long careers. If only you could trade one for some middle infield help, lol.