Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Finally.. I have Come Back to Blogger

 After spending the last month plus trying to get things coordinated and just generally figured out, I have some progress. Some of my cards are here, but I have to get the rest before I can truly do what I need to do. I did, however, get a Sportlots shipment and a card I purchased in so I want to show them today

First is the card I purchased. An artist who's been doing a lot of work over the past few years is Josee Tellier. She did the artwork for the Expos celebration at the Big O the last time the Jays were able to have ST games there. She also did a Josh Gibson card among other things.

Well, this one caught my eye

Fergie Jenkins 1971 I think she's an incredible artist. Check out her stuff at

Now, the Sportlots order

A Dave Stieb Signature Edition from 2004, Ebbets Field from the Fields of Yore to almost complete that insert set, and a Heritage Series Andy Van Slyke.

Next is a couple Conlon Collection George Gibsons.

Some Russ Ford reprints. I apologize for the weird angles on this one. Using a scanner app on my phone since my computer is not with me. 

Some 1983 OPC. I'm slowly but surely finishing that set. I'm more interested in the OPC sets from the 80s than I am the Topps counterparts. 

Finally, some Doug Frobel cards. It was through Kevin Glew at Cooperstown in Canada that I found out he was Canadian. I picked up as many as I could find and got a nice start I think..

So I don't think I'll be posting every day again quite yet, but it's not going to be a month plus between posts. I appreciate anyone who's stuck around with me throughout this shitshow of a year..


  1. Good to see you posting! I hope you are improving, Mike.

    1. I am. Now just waiting for an opening in long term care. Not going back to the place I lived

  2. Glad to get an update from you. Hopefully things continue to get better.

  3. Nice to see a post. That art card is really incredible.
    Stay positive!