Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A Crazie Package

Today has been a very frustrating day.. Dealt with anxiety all day that I can't pinpoint. It wasn't bad, just one of those episodes that I don't like.. Stomach flipping, feeling like I'm going to throw up kind of deal. 

Now that I'm home and have been able to relax a bit, I feel somewhat better, but still not the best.. 


I received a PWE in the mail from fellow Canadian Blogger CrazieJoe. 
I was expecting a Cliffing (specifically the Ted Williams set Cliff Floyd he seems to get multiples of) but I didn't.. 

Instead, I got a nice little batch of Expos to add to the pile. 

Of course we see a bunch of the early 90s here. 
The Carmen Castillo.. I wonder if it's one I need for the 91 Fleer set.. Or if Joe just got blinded by the neon.. lol 

We have a couple duplicates here, but that's to be expected. Got to like any time you get a Tim Raines card as an Expo. 

Thank you for the Expos! 

I need to get back to working on my spreadsheet of Expos to figure out where I am. I do have some other ideas as well.. 

Anyway, that's it for today. 


  1. Nice cards. Hang on... Let me get my sunglasses... Ok. Much better: Hope that 1991 Fleer is the one you need.

  2. The '91 Fleer was a TCDB match so I am hoping it is just a set for the rest - any Expos I get will most certainly end up your way if it isn't part of a set I am building.

    1. Ok cool. I have to get sorted.. As mentioned before, I'm not sure if I want to just blow up my profile on TCDB and start a new one, or if I want to just delete everything in my collection/trade/wants again and start from scratch that way..

  3. Nice Expos cards, especially those 91 Donruss ones.