Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A Couple Quick Things.

I want to show a couple packages I received in the mail. 

First is from Billy from the Team Collectors Forum and @AstrosAtoZ on Twitter. 

Shane Benson never got higher than the New York Penn League in the Toronto organization. He also played a year in the Australian League. 
Jose Bautista was a little more established. 
A Honus Bonus card here. Obviously, the number on the uniform has been changed. 

The other one I'm covering today is from Tom from Angels In Order

Classic 91 cards here. 
The Alomar Fleer in the middle is one of the 7-11/Citgo cards. Never had them here. 
Ahh.. How nice it is to see a mascot card with the mascot's name on it.. BJ Birdy was the Jays original mascot. 

I remember when the Baseball Heroes were inserts in Upper Deck.. I always liked the cards, but never bought enough packs to try to collect them.. 

Toys R Us Young Stars. Another batch of cards I've never seen.. There was never a Toys R Us in Northwestern Ontario growing up. 

I had never seen or heard of the Cliff Johnson card here.. I'm interested to find out more about it. 
Roy Halladay was definitely untouchable some nights as a Jay. And it looks like he may make it into the Hall this year.. 
Poor Kendrys has a red spike through his head here.. 

Remember earlier, my comments on BJ Birdy? 
Well... Now we have a picture of Ace, but he's just known as "Toronto Blue Jays Mascot" in Toppsland. This annoys me to no end. I imagine it's a licensing issue, but still.. If you're going to create a card/sticker/whatever.... Get the naming rights for the character as well or don't do it at all.. 

Anyway.. Thank you for the cards gentlemen!

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  1. That Cliff Johnson card is sweet. I'm going to look up that set now!