Monday, September 3, 2018

Labour Day And What It Means

Today is Labour Day. 
For me, that means it's the last day of summer before going back to work tomorrow. This weekend entailed calling the parents of the kids on my route, letting them know when the Big Yellow Monstrosity will be by to get their little darlings. 

It also means it's September, the final month of the season. For some teams, it means excitement. For others, it's a merciful end of a bad season.. 

This year... As a Jays fan... It's indifferent.. I almost don't expect the Jays to win many games at this point. That's what comes with being 31 games out of first, I guess.. 

But the other thing that this weekend has brought is a return to my trading activity on the Trading Card Database.. As I've been entering cards to trade, I've had a bunch of new trades come in. 

My card desk is almost sort of organized... 

And I have an update on my Million Expos Project..

As of right now, I have 2009 Expos cards. That just factors in the Topps Umbrella and O Pee Chee. 

And just because I can.. Here's a random John Gibbons Coaching card.. lol This is from a 2002 Jays team set. 


  1. Wow. You call the family of every student on your route? That's some serious dedication. Very cool. Have a great year!

    1. That's part of our duty as a bus driver.. Call the parents and let them know when we pick up and drop off.. And remind the parent that if little Johnny or Jenny is Grade 3 or under, a parent/guardian needs to be there or they won't be getting off the bus.

    2. One of those things that doesn't get recognized by the average person... but totally should. That's awesome buddy!

    3. You would be surprised as how adversarial some parents are... Just in general..
      I had a parent get upset with me last year because I wouldn't go down their dirt road to drop off their kids. The reason I wouldn't? The roadway had washed out in two places after their house and I had no safe place to turn around.